Meet the Doctors


Dr. Loughead started our practice in 1961.  He was joined by Dr. Robert Dilley in 1972, and in 1994 by his daughter, Dr. Erin Whittaker.

Dr. Whittaker purchased the practice from her father in 2003, and was joined by Dr. Jeffrey Bixler in 2008 and Dr.Steve Larson in 2013.

Dr. Whittaker, Dr.Bixler and Dr.Larson work closely with a long standing staff of dedicated professionals. They have the specialized training necessary to prevent, diagnose, and treat your dental conditions. They stay current on the latest advances in research and treatment so you know you’ll get the most advanced care available anywhere.


 We are very proud of our very own Dr. Larson. What a huge accomplishment!

The Midwest Implant Institute Fellowship was founded in 1982 to harbor
 and extend the education of the premier implant surgeons that have completed The Surgical Externship and exude the skill set, desire and ability to perform more rigorous surgeries, treat more difficult cases. The group of elite Midwest Implant Institute Implant surgeons, "The MIIFellows", are embodied with Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, Endodontists and General Dentists that carry a career long passion for furthering implant dentistry and embodying the integrity of the Midwest Implant Institute.